A wonderful hotel, that combines a perfect location, and a beautiful, historic city.

A gem among historic houses

Located within the historical district of Tbilisi, at 5 Ghambashidze Street in Vera, this luxury hotel extends a warm welcome to international visitors. Surrounded by an array of artsy museums, theaters, the opera house, shopping and entertainment centers, as well as philharmonic halls, it enjoys a prime location near many of Tbilisi’s most renowned attractions.

Guests are treated to a canvas of the trendy Tbilisi neighborhood from the spacious rooms, providing the ideal retreat for both business and leisure travelers alike.

About Sephia


Nestled in the heart of Tbilisi, our family-owned hotel opened its doors in 2018, inviting guests into our cherished space. Inspired by the remarkable hospitality of our great grandmother Sephia, we named the hotel in her honour, a beacon of warmth and generosity. 

Sephia’s spirit infuses every corner, ensuring our guests experience something truly extraordinary—a blend of comfort and care that’s second to none. Here, we don’t just provide accommodation; we share our family’s love and heritage with every guest who walks through our doors.

You will find near us:

  • Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre: A historic theater known for its stunning architecture and performances.

  • Georgian National Museum: Houses a vast collection of Georgian art, history, and culture.

  • Rustaveli National Theatre: One of the oldest and most prominent theaters in Georgia, offering various performances.

  • Freedom Square: A significant public square featuring a statue of St. George slaying the dragon, surrounded by important buildings and monuments.

  • National Gallery of Georgia: A museum showcasing Georgian and international art collections.

  • Tbilisi Concert Hall: A venue for various cultural events, concerts, and performances.

  • Tbilisi State University: The main and oldest university in Georgia, with a beautiful campus and historic buildings